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Re: SEUL: Is it too soon for me to comment? (fwd)

> Only problem is that I don't use Debian and I know nothing about it's
> package manager.  When I get another drive, I'll probably put debian on
> it, but no diskspace for that right now...
I should have another couple systems to play with in the near future, at 
which at least one of them will be dual-boot between RedHat and Debian.  It's 
just that dselect *really* scares me.  I spent a very long time trying to 
figure it out enough to select the packages I wanted.  I only hope .deb is 
simpler than that.  But then, RPM has wide acceptance, a book, and a couple 
decent end-user friendly (ok, sorta) front-ends.  Hence, I'm leaning 
towards RPM rather than DEB.

> I was looking through sunsite the other day, and found a distribution
> called tinyX - A REALLY tiny X windows based distribution, small enough to
> fit on a single 1.44Meg floppy!  I was thinking we could start with
> something like it, because it's small and simple.  First thing we could do
> is put everything in RPMS, upgrade some software, etc.  And write an
> installer.
Very cool!  How much of the floppy is filled?  Can we do like RedHat and fit 
everything necessary for a bare-bones install from a larger media on one 
floppy?  Being able to build an X-based installer that would fit on a single 
floppy would certainly make a splash in the 'industry'... :)  And it would by 
much more (ahem) intuitive for users to be able to mouse around the 
installer.  Doing things by keyboard in RedHat's installer can be a pain, 
especially when some screens have one behavior and others another (or so it 

Anyone want to take a closer look at TinyX to see how much good it might do 


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