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SEUL: Seeking maintainer.., and legal knowledge, etc.

> I'll volunteer, only thing is I know very little perl...  Oh well, next
> time I'm in Barnes And Nobles I'll pick up a good book on it.
I'd go for either the Camel book (if you can learn from a ref book), or 
Waite's Perl 5 tutorial.  I'm borrowing it for a couple days, and I'm 
considering getting my own copy, even though I already know Perl (ok, well, 
for the last week).

> Ideally, you could extract the data with perl and put it into a db.
Should be pretty simple.  I think we'll be using mysql, though.  Actually, 
though, it depends on finding someone here who knows how to run one of the 
free SQL's.  Anyone out there who can help?

> With the monitor companies, you ask them and they'll be happy to tell ya.
Most likely, yeah.  That's quite a bit of work, though.  Granted, much of it 
should be on the web, but tracking down what isn't could be 'fun'.

> It's just that MS asked them.  We should be fine using MS's numbers.
True, but they still had to do the work.  Anyone out there know about the 
legalities here?  Anyone with legal experience who can help out on other 
questions like this?

> You could have it e-mail the data to an address on my computer, that'd put
> the mail through a perl script which could automatically add the the data
> to the PostgreSQL db.
For the address, we can use an account or alias @seul.org.  The only trick is 
to make sure that we can trust the data coming in that way.  If the message 
is parsed incorrectly, it might yield some funky data.  Someone (you?) would 
have to watch the incoming data stream pretty carefully.

> Should the database be on your site or mine?  You can access my computer
> at http://www.commet.dyn.ml.org, but it only works when I'm online. 
We have several well-connected, fast hosts at MIT, so we'll be using those :)
If you want to get started, I get get an account set up there and you can 
start playing around with stuff.  I have some more work to do before you can 
start writing web pages in the 'right' format, but you can get a start with 
the system, CVS, and writing the content of the pages.


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