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Re: SEUL: Seeking maintainer for monitor and modem databases

On Tue, 6 Jan 1998, Erik Walthinsen wrote:

> OK, since I'm at it, any takers for maintaining this monitor database?  As 
> Mike mentions, getting one started is an almost trivial matter of writing a 
> perl script (or finding a friend or someone on this list to write it for you)
> to convert what Windoze comes with.
I'll volunteer, only thing is I know very little perl...  Oh well, next
time I'm in Barnes And Nobles I'll pick up a good book on it.  Ideally,
you could extract the data with perl and put it into a PostgreSQL db.

> Er, there be dragons, however.  What kind of license do those .inf files fall 
> under?  
With the monitor companies, you ask them and they'll be happy to tell ya.
It's just that MS asked them.  We should be fine using MS's numbers.

> The next stage is to put together a couple pages for this effort, including a 
> simple web form for people to enter their monitor vendor and monitor, with 
> the appropriate frequency information, and whatever else (like supported 
> resolutions @ what frequencies).  Post a simple announce to a few places, and 
> I think we'll have a decent database built up pretty quickly.
You could have it e-mail the data to an address on my computer, that'd put the
mail through a perl script which could automatically add the the data to
the PostgreSQL db.

> Anyway, is there anyone out there willing to gather the information and 
> maintain it in a database on the web site?  I'm working on the database part 
> of it, so all you'd have to do is gather the info and keep it up to date.
Should the database be on your site or mine?  You can access my computer
at http://www.commet.dyn.ml.org, but it only works when I'm online. 

> Let's start getting some things done!!  :-)
Finally!  TTYL!

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