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Re: SEUL: Feature List take Two

>1) The list is to stay intact. You may add to it but don't edit it.
>I don't care that were wasting bandwidth. Its better to have a dozen
>real lists floating around, then a dozen snippets of lists.
>2) The only comments to be accepted is a url pointing to where an 
>application can be found or additions of applications to the wishlist. 
>3) No religious wars. I don't care if you think KDE is better than GNOME
>or vice versa. What we are doing here is listing all the potential assets
>available to the project.
>Okey The List:
>Operating System Includes:
> filemanagers
> screen savers
> configuration Utilities:
> PPP configuration EZPPP Sunsite.unc.edu/pub/linux
> DNS config
> word processor
> spread sheet
> graphics presentation program
> calendar/scheduling
> contact manager
> fax server
> voice server Festival
> relational database
> front end for said RDB.
    Simple text editor - for windows nedit
>Financial Software
> Book keeping
> accounts package
> decision support
  Checkbook balancing program

>Power Apps
> photoshop ripoff - GIMP www.gimp.org
   3D rendering - POVRAY www.povray.org
                           - BMRT
                           - MindsEye
   3D Modelling  
> General CAD 
> Specialized CAD
   Musical programs
> data visualization
> statistical packages
  programming enviroments
 Internet connectivity 
        Web Browser
>Final Comments:
> If you are adding a particular app, please try to use the 
>existing categories if at all possible.
> If you know of an app that fits the bill, please add it to the