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SEUL: Migration to seul-dev-* lists

We now have more than enough to talk about, and seul-project is less and less 
the best place for much of it.

That's why we thought ahead :-) and created the seul-dev-* lists... <g>

seul-dev-admin		System administration, configuration
seul-dev-apps		User applications
seul-dev-distrib	Structure, FSH, core pieces (init, bash, etc.)
seul-dev-help		Help system and documentation
seul-dev-install	Installation system
seul-dev-ui		User interface (toolkit, control panel, etc.)

This is more of a warning than anything: I'd like to get most of the threads 
moved a day or two from now.  I just don't want to move the threads until
people have signed onto the lists they're interested in.  We only have about
20 people in each list, mostly the same people all the way through, compared
to over a 100 on seul-project.

So.., start thinking about which threads go where.  I'm going to attempt to 
get some semi-directed discussions going where nothing ends up happening, but 
other than that I'm hoping this will "just happen" :-)


     Erik Walthinsen <omega@seul.org> - SEUL Project system architect
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