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Re: SEUL: Migration to seul-dev-* lists

Erik Walthinsen wrote:
> We now have more than enough to talk about, and seul-project is less and less
> the best place for much of it.
> That's why we thought ahead :-) and created the seul-dev-* lists... <g>

< sigh > :)

> seul-dev-admin          System administration, configuration
> seul-dev-apps           User applications
> seul-dev-distrib        Structure, FSH, core pieces (init, bash, etc.)
> seul-dev-help           Help system and documentation
> seul-dev-install        Installation system
> seul-dev-ui             User interface (toolkit, control panel, etc.)
> This is more of a warning than anything: I'd like to get most of the threads
> moved a day or two from now.  I just don't want to move the threads until
> people have signed onto the lists they're interested in.  We only have about
> 20 people in each list, mostly the same people all the way through, compared
> to over a 100 on seul-project.

Hmm, isn't 6 lists for only 100 people a little bit too much ?
I mean, it's nice to have the lists, but do we have to use them
_all_ from the beginning ?

e.g. I see a lot of cross-posting between distrib and install
for a while :)
The same may be the case for apps & gui ...
help seems to be pretty active, though.

How can I find out whether I'm subscribed to all lists ?

> So.., start thinking about which threads go where.

Well, the list of apps could go to seul-dev-apps (ok,
that was easy ;)  How about doing it this way:  If there
is a thread which clearly fits somewhere, it'll be moved
over and people can subscribe to the new list if they havn't
already ?