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Re: SEUL: Migration to seul-dev-* lists

> Hmm, isn't 6 lists for only 100 people a little bit too much ?
> I mean, it's nice to have the lists, but do we have to use them
> _all_ from the beginning ?
Well, we're planning for the future.  A week from now I expect there to be 
many more people on the lists, due to the intended wide-spread nature of 
Monday's announce.

The 6 lists come from some serious brainstorming Luka did a few months back.  
We have the document somewhere, and yet another of those things I was going 
to do yesterday was to get those docs on the web site.  Please, someone out 
there help me out!  <sigh, snore, thunk, ow!>

> The same may be the case for apps & gui ...
Quite.  I expect that to be one of the most active cross-posts (if you can
quantify that).

> help seems to be pretty active, though.
Yup.  We already have some working, very cool looking code for that part.

> How can I find out whether I'm subscribed to all lists ?
Send mail to majordomo@seul.org, with a body of:

which k.wetzel@welfen-netz.com

> How about doing it this way:  If there is a thread which clearly fits
> somewhere, it'll be moved over and people can subscribe to the new list if
> they haven't already ?
Sounds like a plan.


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