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Re: SEUL: Migration, and a brief recap

On Fri, 9 Jan 1998, Kai Wetzel wrote:

> We could even try how well a WM works that's going to be
> the default WM of SEUL (probably not FVWM)  But that's
> secondary, of course.
AAMOF, the installer will probably BE the wm for the install.  We should
include a couple window managers, namely enlightenment, afterstep, twm(for
the memory conscious), fvwm, fvwm95, etc.  Not everyone wants the same
interface as Win95.  AAMOF, a friend of mine that just installed linux on
his Win95 box asked me about an interface that mimicked NeXTSTEP, and was
quite enthused at hearing about afterstep.(He got a good chuckle off the
name, too)

> > The only problem will be the mouse,
> [...]
> > and it's not too difficult to identify a serial-mouse by setting the
> > port to 1200 baud and seeing whether it acts like a mouse or not.  :)
> Sounds promising.
If the kernel doesn't say a word about mice, we try to read position data
from a serial mouse.


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