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Re: SEUL: Migration, and a brief recap

William T Wilson wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Jan 1998, Paul Anderson wrote:
[waiting for an installer]
> > Someone here care to work out a config for XF86 that'll work on
> > everything?
> bwahahahahahahh.  You seek the holy grail, sir knight!  Standard VGA with
> plain FVWM of course will work on everything.

We could even try how well a WM works that's going to be
the default WM of SEUL (probably not FVWM)  But that's
secondary, of course.

> The only problem will be the mouse,
> and it's not too difficult to identify a serial-mouse by setting the
> port to 1200 baud and seeing whether it acts like a mouse or not.  :)

Sounds promising.

[HD space requirements for SEUL]
> I think we should build a good distribution and then
> see how big it is, rather than the other way around.

As long as we keep in mind that HD space is an issue if
we decide whether 100MB package A is in or out of the SEUL
default installation, that's probably fine.

> > > 3.2) It must be able to install graphically.  Like Windows, which installs
> > >
> > Before it boots of the disk, the install will be text only.
> Before it boots off the disk, the install will be little bits of ferrite
> only.  Like Win95, the first thing we should do is build a generic-VGA
> X-server and run some (statically linked?) install scripts off the CD or
> other mass/network-media on it.

I agree.  IMO '95 even starts the window system unnecessarily late.

> > Well, just so as happens that when the kernel boots it doesn't say a word
> > about mice.
> Doesn't say a word about SERIAL mice.  It will happily detect and
> report bus mice including PS/2 mice (which, I believe, are rather the more
> common type on Pentium systems).

I got a serial mouse with my old Pentium.  Only $5, couldn't turn down
offer ;)