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Re: SEUL: Common SEUL/e-linux tools needed

> If a large number of RPMs won't work with SEUL without modification, then
> we haven't done our job.  Have I missed something, why would a certain
> config file need to be included with an RPM under SEUL?  TTYL!

The config file that I speak of would be the product of one of us, or
(eventually) the developer, reading through all the docs and extracting all
the compile-time, startup-time, and run-time options for the program in
question, and translating them into a form that can be easily automated in
our GUI config tool... this format would have to be QUITE FLEXIBLE.  While
most options could be easily represented with buttons and sliders, some
options would need very unique GUI representations... (i.e. the decorations
in fvwm can be represended as a graphic, a rectangle, or a dot-to-dot object.)
I realize that such a undertaking would be *HUGE*, but the payoff would be
even bigger.  While we *ARE* requireing things that aren't in standard
packages, some things that can automatically be determined can easily be
packaged with it...

I think innovations like this are going to make SEUL and e-linux *ROCK*!

Comments? Suggestions?