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SEUL: Need help with developer services

On Thu, 8 Jan 1998, Kai Wetzel wrote:

> What else can we do right now ?

I could use the help of a couple people to finish putting together some of
the core developer services.  Projects include:

1) seul member database - holds info on current tasks, interests, etc.
2) monitor/modem database - simple, flat, fairly static, etc.
3) vendor/product database - records vendor/Linux relations, etc.
4) comprehensive searching for web site

All of this will be dong with a mysql (or PostgreSQL if people prefer)
backend database, using ePerl for server-side pages, using Perl-DBI for
access.  There are numerous random uses for ePerl on the site, so if
anyone wants small projects....

I need this help RSN, as some of these are keeping us from making progress
in other areas.  Please e-mail me at omega@seul.org if you have the time
and experience to help out.  Sorry, I can't teach these subjects to
anyone, as I haven't learned them yet myself...  :)


     Erik Walthinsen <omega@seul.org> - SEUL Project system architect
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