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SEUL: Re: package format

From: lso8219@cs.rit.edu (Loren S Osborn)
> Whoa! Who said anything about Qt.

This topic is cross-posted to kde-distribution. That's why I thought Qt
would be under consideration.

> *SEUL* will slap a GNOME interface on it...

That's nice to hear.

> We probably *BOTH* should slap a ncurses interfce on it... etc.)

Debian has mostly switched to S-lang's screen routines. S-lang provides a
ncurses emulation as well as a somewhat cleaner interface to screen
programming. There's something RedHat wrote called "newt" that provides
very nice forms and dialog boxes using S-lang's screen routines, and
should be used for writing most new character interfaces. They provided a
program called "whiptail" that did a half-hearted emulation of "dialog".
I just sent them a patch that makes it a _complete_ replacement for
"dialog" and Eric Troan will release that shortly. It's GPL-ed.

> P.S.  Pixar *ROCKS*... Been a big pixar fan for over 8 years!!!

I have submitted talks on the computer graphics of Pixar to Linux Expo
and Linux Kongress.

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