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SEUL: Re: Part Two

On Mon, 5 Jan 1998, William T Wilson wrote:

> Lynx is heading off
> into irrelevance, as I touched on before, because it increasingly can't
> support the modern world.  No frames, no java/javascript, no tables, and
> it can't display a page while loading.  If Netscape were programmable,
> Lynx would be finished except for browsing HOWTO's. 
I have to disagree with you on that one, because Lynx has one thing
Netscape can never have: It's as fast as lightning, and consumes a minute
amount of memory.  All loaded, Lynx has a memory footprint of a couple
hundred k, NS(if you count X windows in too) is over 12Megs!  Also, lynx
is a favourite for blind people, because they can use screen reading
software to read the page to them.  I lynx for the same reason I use vi,
it's small and fast.
> Well, whatever.  I still haven't had a Red Hat install go flawlessly the
> first time, except with the Kickstart disk.  It always crashes.  I can say
> that with confidence.  Always.
<ROFL>All of the ones I've done have proceeded flawlessly, go figger, eh?

> Not hardly.  Disk caching is one thing, and having your filesystem corrupt
> if you lose power is quite another. 
Linux isn't that bad.  Consider, here's the users I normally have going:

Login    Name                 Tty  Idle  Login Time   Office     Office Phone
archive  RHS Linux User        30    29  Jan  4 20:22
hacker   Paul Anderson         10  7:04  Jan  2 21:37 Home       1-800-5-KABOOM
madmach  RHS Linux User        12    1d  Dec 29 19:34
paul     Paul Anderson         4   4:14  Dec 29 23:17 Programmin
paul     Paul Anderson         60        Dec 29 19:35 Programmin
paul     Paul Anderson         40  3:40  Jan  4 19:20 Programmin
paul     Paul Anderson         p0  7:58  Jan  4 20:30 (:0.0)
pioneer  Pioneer Sports        6   2:24  Dec 29 23:20
root     root                  1         Dec 29 19:32

I usually have a couple more going, but I had to log them out for a big
UUCP run...  Anyways, I have an(undesirably) good idea of what happens to
linux when the power goes by-by, my cat likes to sleep on the power bar...
I have a couple copies of pine running on different accounts, etc.  Each
time power's been lost, or I had to reboot without shutting down proper
because of my error, I have yet to lose any data.  Admittedly, some read
messages may show up as new again, but that's hardly a lost /home.


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