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SEUL: Fix it.

I've been saying that if you find something wrong, or that bugs you, you
should fix it and that the SEUL project should take these fixes, apply
some glue and produce a distribution.  Admittedly, it'd be more like the
Eunuch of RedHat(fixed RedHat), but it's a start.  Then what about RH's
config for network devices?  I think they have something going, BUT the
only code to modify it is for X Windows.  So, I present my first two
favourite fixes:

In RedHat, (at least up to 4.2 has this problem), sendmail takes 5 minutes
to load up after fresh install.  To fix, change /etc/hosts to:		localhost		default.domain

And edit /etc/sysconfig/network, and change the last line to:

And it'll fix the problem.  Anyone care to hack this into RH's install
scripts or tell me where the hacking needs to be done?  TTYL!

                        Paul Anderson
		   paul @ geeky1.ebtech.net
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