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Re: SEUL: Is it too soon for me to comment?

> Now, an IMPORTANT issue(if not THE most important) is advertising.
> Advertisements are EXPENSIVE.  It costs through the nose for a booth at
> COMDEX.  Now, what can we do to solve this problem?  I propose we create
> the Linux Consortium, devoted to furthering Linux.  And you charge
> companies like caldera and RedHat to be members(say $250 a year), and the
> funds go toward advertising Linux.  A small newsletter could be
> maintained, giving the latest Linux news, etc.  If a good advertising
> campaign where set up, Linux as a whole would reap INTENSE benefits.  Sell it
> as THE replacement for NT.  NT is buggy, expensive, slow and has HUGE
> resource requirements.  Linux is stable, cheap, fast and can be fit in
> 640k of RAM.(Okay, we're talking REALLY stripped-down system, but hey,
> what car company didn't tear the car down in the '70s for testing
> mileage?).  We can make the point to companies that they have a choice:
> Linux or NT for their network server.  Linux costs them $49, a compareable
> NT system would cost over $2,000.  Support and documentation abounds.
> Now, what company could pass up a deal like that?  TTYL!

I do have to agree that advertising is expensive.  I was reading through
this post, and realized why e-linux and SEUL *SHOULD* never be the same
distribution.  Not that I agree with MicroSoft on much, but Windows95 and
Windows NT are seperate products for a reason...  e-linux
(http://thunder.dorm.duke.edu/kde/index.html) is the product I see as
replacing Windows NT, but SEUL is the distrubution that "my mother could
use"... replacing Windows95.  I do think the best way for both projects
(e-linux and SEUL) to proceed is, perhaps, for SEUL and e-linux to
collaborate on common applications, and the to base SEUL off of a stripped
down version of e-linux, with most of the complexity hidden from the user:
e-linux should help provide the facilities to hide it.

Just my 2cents... Comments and Suggestions welcome,