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SEUL: Yada Yada Yada

My comments on a few previous notions.

1. I've already learned more editors than I ever wanted to.  I haven't
learned vi or emacs yet.  The TkDesk built in editor does just about
anything I want.

2. TkDesk provides much of the "my computer" function desired.

3. Lynx maybe small.  I have not been able to experience fast or
efficient with it.  Maybe I would notice with a higher speed connection.
I want 56k but the market needs to mature a little for my tastes.

4. Netscape may be large but other than Internet Explorer I don't see a
web browser with matching capabilities or stability.  Besides Best Buy
has 16M DRAM for $24.95 after rebate.  Hard disks are available for less
than $50/G. 

5. I have seen several instances of blank CD-R's for free after rebate.
I am collecting them in the hopes that SEUL can use them.

6. I finally broke down and bought RedHat 4.2 to recover my system after
breaking it with a bunch of mustang glibc stuff.  The only way I could
get it to install was to buy a new CD-ROM even though my Phillips cm206cd
CD-ROM drive model was listed as a choice in the boot program.  None of
the X installions were able to handle my on motherboard Tseng 4000w32p
video.  Fortunately I was able to back up my /etc and /home directories
before the unneccesarily imposed reformatting of existing ext2
partitions.  Which allowed me to reinstate XFree86.

7. RedHat 5.0 is based on beta glibc.  I am somewhat amazed that RedHat
feels so compelled to introduce a next version that it is based upon beta
code.  For this reason I cans see waiting for 5.2 rather than 5.1.
before trying to upgrade.  

8. Many of the recent releases of rpm's require beta glibc.  Even some of
the old packages have been replaced with packages requiring beta glibc. I
worry about a trend where Linux is beta or nothing ruining the wonderful
record of stability that Linux has established.