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Re: SEUL: Is it too soon for me to comment?

> All you can do, really, is hope for the best and that the person will
> figure it out.  Developing a widget set and converting other software to
> it is a very long term commitment...
And IMO the only sane way to do it.  RedHat doesn't come with many actual 
applications, and most of what it does have is Xaw or tk.  They've worked 
around the issue but not dealing with it.  Granted, it's a long process, but 
that's why we have the 'net.  GNOME is getting some heavy development.  I 
know, I get mail for every commit to their repository.  It's a busy list.  
Given the number of people working on random free software, I don't have any 
trouble visualizing a full GNOME-based desktop, with apps ported over and 
everything, in a decent, presentable shape in a year, maybe more.

> (BTW, if you want the numbers for a 14" daytek, lemme know...)
I rest my case.  

> I think it's more in switching back to your original terminal.  XFree
> switches you over to /dev/tty8, so when you do a CTRL-ALT-F1 it
> automatically handles the video mode switching.
This doesn't work when your video card took a trip down the yellow brick 
road.  The kernel doesn't have the ruby slippers to fix it (ok, bad metaphor, 
sue me).  Video cards are touchy enough, *especially* during probing, that 
they can go into a random state and never come back.

(OK, I'm *really* going to sleep now.  Really, I am!)


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