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Re: SEUL: Re: Is it too soon for me to comment?

> Slackware has gone from hero to zero in the course of a year
I like that... :)

> Nevertheless, I don't think Linux will be kicking Windows off of mainstream
> desktops in large quantities.  For all of the reasons William mentioned, as
> well as the fact that Linux does not have a PR firm or TV ads.  But it's not
> a bad goal <G>.
You're right, SEUL 1.0 won't make a big dent in the market.  But I hope to 
make a really large splash in the industry.  The trick is to gather enough 
people with contacts to various places, and start selling the heck out of it. 
That consists of stable demos, literature (like whylinux?), and mucho 

A combination of things can be done to make things like TV ads a reality.  
First thing is to gather the support of vendors with hardware and software 
that specifically cater to Linux.  There are probably several hundred 
companies that have software, and several hardware companies with a vested 
interest in Linux's success.  Get them together and jazzed about a new, 
hopefully high-volume (eventually) distribution of Linux, and they might be
willing to put out the money to make it happen.

A piece of this is a database listing vendors and products, along with the 
support status of each.  Companies like Neomagic and Iomega (based on my own 
personal experience) get low marks.  Cyclades and others get high marks.  
Separate fields for Linux support of hardware and vendor support of Linux, as 
they are two very distinct things (can you say "reverse engineering"? :)
This would put the pressure on the companies who don't support Linux, as they 
start seeing impact when Linux gains popularity.

Admittedly, this is an exceedingly optimistic view, but I think if we play 
our cards right, and are organized effectively, we can make a fairly large 


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