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SEUL: Re: Is it too soon for me to comment?

>Hi.  I'm new to seul.  I want to help!  I'm a passable coder, a passable
>web designer, a passable ISP ;) and one hell of an evangelist.  :)
>Is this a moderated list?  Hope not, I'm about to Comment(tm).  :)

It's not moderated, as far as I can tell. <g>  Welcome to the project!  I
signed on a little less than a week ago.  Heady stuff, eh?

Rather than pasting most of your mail, I will simply say that I agree with
you 100%.  The aspects of Windows that are good and proper need to have
Linux counterparts, especially the "Wizard."

>With a little luck, SEUL can soon compete with Redhat for new linux users.
>The next step is to sink the Bismarck... or maybe just the Titanic.  We
>can only look ahead, put in some long hours, and hope... :)

In point of fact, neither Bismarck nor Titanic were particularly difficult
to sink (or Tirpitz, for that matter <g>) -- it was just a matter of finding
the right target (especially for Bismarck)  Slackware has gone from hero to
zero in the course of a year, and Yggdrasil has dropped off the map
completely, as far as I can tell.  The market is fluid enough and there are
still huge gaps.

Nevertheless, I don't think Linux will be kicking Windows off of mainstream
desktops in large quantities.  For all of the reasons William mentioned, as
well as the fact that Linux does not have a PR firm or TV ads.  But it's not
a bad goal <G>.

Martin Jackson:  mjackson@deskmedia.com
Information Science Major
Mankato State University