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Re: SEUL: Common SEUL/e-linux tools needed

1. To my best understanding since SEUL and E-Linux work on different GUI
platforms, Messeges crossposted in both groups should be concerned only in
the core logic of installation and not in the gui part.
2. As far as I see itw package management tools are for suphisticated users.
The simple distribution should work ona tool like the windoze InstallShield
that will interprate installation scripts, and provide the defaults where
3. For this purpose I think the following core logic parts should be
implemented for the new distributions:

- Hardware diagnozing routines to autodetect hardware.
- Search for installed libraries and versions.
- installation script interpreter

I see the installation scripts as composed of
- pre install tasks
- actual installation steps - each installation step is designated a name,
and associated with actual file copying,authentication , and GUI components
File or section in script
 - post install tasks

Of course from my proposal, existing RPM and DEB will not install with this
format, but if we make a good developer tool for generating these packages
it will be easy for either one of the people involved with the specific
distribution or the developer to generate the package.

4. There has been talk about a Partition Magic clone. Though very nifty to
the advanced user since partitioning is a one time task for the simple user
I believe there is no need for such a tool.

5. I believe we should designate a few generic platforms to work on and
start from there.