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Re: SEUL: Common SEUL/e-linux tools needed

>> 1. To my best understanding since SEUL and E-Linux work on different
>Not really... they (*currently*) both use the the X Windowing
I see the instalation process switching as fast as possible to GUI mode
possiblly with a VGA16 X Server, hence, Qt and KDE libraries should be
installed very early in e-linux, all GUI negotiations on options in my view
should be done with them.

>> 2. As far as I see it package management tools are for suphisticated
>No... package management tools allow you to add new software...
I still disagree. An end user doesnt care a thing about dependencies, etc.
The only thing he cares about is that when a software is installed it works
for the first time. Thus packages should be Fully self contained  and
Include ALL relevant libraries and components.

>> - Search for installed libraries and versions.
>A package manager will remove the necessity for "searching"... it will

searching is necesarry since in real life the user probably will install
packages from various sources. The only benefit I see for a centralized
packaging mechanism under my InstallShield concept is for providing
uninstall features.

>> - installation script interpreter
>this is last priority (not least important)...

If you consider the base system as a package it is necessary one of the
first steps... I do believe only partitioning should be done in text mode.
and not with an installation script.
>This was my intent, although it would take many man-hours.....
No need to supply 5 versions of say FTP program.... THESE tasks should be
kept to later on.
>On the contrary... although this is an advanced tool, it would make
>simpler, and less intimidating the setting up of multiple partitions or
>OS's on the same system...
a common newt/ncurses/venus front end for fdisk AND fips with some help
screens should suffice

Paul Anderson wrote:

>> 5. I believe we should designate a few generic platforms to work on and
>> start from there.
>AAMOF, we're working on one platform - x86
more specific - we should concentrate on a specific role for the system
(e.g. Server,Graphic Workstation,Multimedia System) and later on add the
other roles.

I dont know about you guys,but I personally would like to start  coding
teams ASAP