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Re: SEUL: Common SEUL/e-linux tools needed

> I'm pretty convinced that creating a whole new distribution for this
> project will make it ten times as much work as building it on top of
> Redhat and continuing to track Redhat releases.
I agree, to a point.  I think we should track the core components of RedHat 
(or Debian, or whever), not all of it.

> The discussion is already way off base, I haven't seen a single word here
> about what could make Linux easier for the end user.
There have been a few small thread... :)  Not enough. :(

> Dselect or RPM?  Irrelevant to the end user, it will be wrapped up in a
> GUI, and the differences in features are not that significant (though I
> personally prefer RPM.)
Precisely.  The only real reasons one might for for one over the other are 
developer support (ease of use), and general acceptance.  In both of those, 
as things stand right now, RPM wins.

> Yes, it is possible to point to problems that might crop from using
> the Redhat system, but you will be leveraging off lots of ongoing work
> that the Redhat people put in.  Like Caldera, right?
Yup.  I do not want to be developing things from scratch.  Even if we have 
twice as many core distribution people as RedHat, we're still doing things 
again.  If they've already done it, why do it again??

> This community is not strong enough to survive gratuitous fragmentation.
I am working on putting together mechanisms to avoid just that.  Nothing has 
been worked out or decided, but Bruce Perens and I have been talking.  I will 
post more information as I can.

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