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Re: SEUL: Common SEUL/e-linux tools needed

Erik Walthinsen <omega@omegacs.net> writes:

> > That's why a standardized directory structure is such a valuable thing.
> > SysVinit ALWAYS puts it's init files in /etc/rc.d, because that's where
> > the FSSTND says it should be.
> Yeah, bad example.  But you know what I mean, right?  Most distribs
> have different locations for certain things.  Most obvious are
> config files, especially when they do interesting things like keep
> the window manager up to date...

I'm pretty convinced that creating a whole new distribution for this
project will make it ten times as much work as building it on top of
Redhat and continuing to track Redhat releases.  The discussion is
already way off base, I haven't seen a single word here about what
could make Linux easier for the end user.  Dselect or RPM?  Irrelevant
to the end user, it will be wrapped up in a GUI, and the differences
in features are not that significant (though I personally prefer RPM.)
Yes, it is possible to point to problems that might crop from using
the Redhat system, but you will be leveraging off lots of ongoing work
that the Redhat people put in.  Like Caldera, right?

This community is not strong enough to survive gratuitous fragmentation.
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