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Re: SEUL: Common SEUL/e-linux tools needed

> On Thu, 8 Jan 1998, Loren S Osborn wrote:
> > This is actually quite optomistic, I was hoping for 20:1, so if we can do
> > 5:1, this would be great!
> I was figuring 10:1 myself.  If our base system is a Pentium 166, then at
> 10:1 we can expect 486/33 performance.  Whee.  Don't count on playing
> Quake in it.  It'd be purely for compatibility, and to show it can be
> done.  :)

Keep in mind, that my intent for such a thing, is not to run install side,
but to process batch jobs of package verification on SEUL's server... speed
here isn't a concern... (As long as it's not trailing behind our future
home Linux network server -- 20 MHz '386 w/ 8MB RAM ;)  It doen't have to
be fast, just has to run... In fact we can run the (virtual) clock slower
so the software thinks it's running faster, if necessary.

> Ours will, which is what's important.  By creating a new package format,
> you simply guarantee that our packages have these features.  Which is the
> same as we'll do anyway.

I'm just saying we should change the name to keep from confusing the users...
How does Easy Linux Package Module (ELPM)?? I guess it just doesn't have the
same "ring" as 'RPM' does...

Comments? Suggestions?