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Re: SEUL: Interest abounding...

Erik Walthinsen wrote:
> There has been quite a bit of interest in the SEUL project since yesterday's
> announcement.  Many people have expressed dismay, unfortunately, over the
> existence of Yet Another Distribution.

That may be partly valid, on the other hand if SEUL succeeds in giving
the world an easily-installable, easily-configurable and
always-boot-directly-to-GUI Linux, that would be the best service to
Linux and Linux's popularity would increase tremendously.  One never
knows, maybe even my boss would be willing to go Linux then :-)

> I have been talking with Bruce Perens recently, and we have been discussing
> the relationships between Debian, the RHAD, and ourselves.

Of course, to have some sort of common base between those would be even

>  I hope to have
> something worked out in the very near future, so I can tell you what is
> actually happening.
> The basic idea is for all existing groups to collaborate and create a single
> core distribution, upon which all distributions could theoretically be
> based.  It could be called (if you wish), the "official Linux core".  It
> would consist of a stable set of core utilities, libraries, and basic
> programs, and would be versioned as a single block.
> This would allow distributions to free themselves from worrying about the
> stability of the base, and it would allow package maintainers to configure
> and compile their package *once*, for a single core, and be done with it.
> I am still thinking about this quite a bit, so all comments and
> *constructive* criticisms are welcome.
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