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Re: Packing (was Re: SEUL: Common SEUL/e-linux tools needed)

Loren S Osborn <lso8219@cs.rit.edu>
>So you think packages that use non-essential packages like xforms, Qt,
>GTK, povray, pstools, etc. should lug them all around with them...???

From: "Erez Nir" <erez-n@actcom.co.il>
> Yes... Like so many Windoze programs carry with them MFC dlls(see also end
> arguments)

Barf with a spoon! Just about all packages depend on the C library. There
are a number of versions of the C library. It's kind of large. Expect a
3-4x expansion in disk space used by packages that do this. I could go on.

If you downloaded your program using Debian's package selector, it would
download the packages it depends on for you automaticaly. If you got the
program on a CD, it would find them on the CD and install them for you
automaticaly. Now, I agree that the user interface of this can be improved,
and we're almost done doing that (our new UI is being tested now).

With all due respect, I get the impression that some of you might not
have the benefit of the experience we gained in creating existing
distributions. You are bound to re-invent the wheel and make all the
mistakes we made and then fixed, and your users will suffer for it.
The better way to handle this would be to work in cooperation with a
distribution and partition your tasks.


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