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Packing (was Re: SEUL: Common SEUL/e-linux tools needed)

>     The KDE project and the GNOME project apart from trying to provide
> commercial look and feel frontends for major applications are trying to
> provide a common desktop environment.Thus I believe there is very little use
> for xforms  and GTK based application in a KDE environment.(This will become
> more evident when drag and drop will be implemented)
>     If you go for this philosophy for KDE (based on the project's charter)
> and I think e-linux as "the kde distribution" should, xforms/GTK based apps
> should be distributed only when there is no Qt/KDE equivalent and maybe even
> staticlly linked.
>     This way Qt and KDElibs will be like MFC libs of the windows world.
> Erez Nir
> erez-n@actcom.co.il

One thing that you didn't mention is that GNOME is entirely based on GTK...
BTW... whether we like it or not, other toolkits are here to stay... I know
of *MANY* programs based in xforms, and several in other less-popular
toolkits... Berlin is hoping to remedy the problem, but that will take a

Comments? Suggestions?