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SEUL: Re: SEUL distribution?

> why not pick a subset of debian as your base distribution? more than
> the debian base disks but less then the full distribution. modify the
> packages as appropriate for your needs.
> then users of seul would be able to install any .deb package out of
> the debian archive in addition to .deb packages from the seul dist. in
> effect, the debian ftp site would become a 'contrib' section for your
> dist.
> debian has always been intended to be a good base from which other
> distributions can be built...

Dispite if we base off of debian or not, users will not be able ot install
any stock .deb package, because it would be missing our required configuration
file... the file that would make SEUL/e-linux easily configurable via a GUI...

Comments? Suggestions?