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SEUL: PLZ: Watch what you say

There have been some posts to other lists in which assertions about our plans 
have been made.  I don't want to hit anyone over the head, but simply point 
out that we have made *very* *few* decisions so far.  Those that have been
made are still under discussion, and subject to change and/or reversal.

Please, when you post or cross-post to an "external" group, don't tell them 
that we are unequivocally doing something when it hasn't been "officially" 
decided either way.  As of now, *nothing* has been "officially" decided.

The reason for this request is as follows: many of the posts in question have 
elicited responses that are less than useful to the future of this project.  
Many are simply incredulous that we have made certain "decisions".  In 
general, they have the effect of casting this project in a less than 
favorable light.

If you have a question about what is "official", email me for now, though 
soon you'll be able to get the information right off our web site.


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