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Re: SEUL: PLZ: Watch what you say

> *sigh*  I have no apologies.  When I reply, I use reply to all.  If
> someone sets a reply-to: header or crossposts to their own mailing list,
> they should not complain when they get replies.
No big problem yet.  I just don't want to get into any deeper water with some 
people who already don't like some of the things that have already been
said...  (nothing big, just random ppl)

> I thought that we had made some official decisions.  For example, that we
> would be using RedHat as a base at least until the core became ready (if
> the idea of a core flies at all); that we would be using sendmail instead
> of smail or qmail; that all our software would be free.
Some of these are set.  We *will* be using 100% free code.  We *were* going 
to be using RedHat, but the possibility of the core came up, and it now 
appears that SEUL will be constructing the core from Debian.  That is now our 
top priority in terms of development.  More soon.  As I mentioned in other
mail, the sendmail/qmail decision was made, but not sendmail/others.  

> We have to make these decisions.  We can't make decisions, then backtrack
> two weeks later.  Once a decision has been made it should be stuck with
> unless there's a good reason to unstick.  Things like "I think we'll
> switch to debian now" are simply not going to do.
None of those decisions where firmly set.  We now have sufficient reason to 
base SEUL on Debian.  I think it is the right way to go.  If anyone 
disagrees, please present your opinions on the list, so we can discuss them.

We now indeed have some decisions.  They will be made "official" in short 
order.  *Now* we can start moving.

> Granted, backtracking before any real work has been done isn't too
> harmful.  But as you said... look at all the confusion it causes!
I hope to end the confusion now.  Now that we have specific short- and 
medium-term goals, we can proceed with actual development.

> Also, if major decisions like this are made, they need to be posted on the
> mailing list so everyone knows it...
Very next thing on my agenda, believe me!

Stay tuned. :-)

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