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Re: SEUL: Distribution of applications

On Tue, 13 Jan 1998, Loren S Osborn wrote:

> *THAT* is exactly what I'm saying... provide a *UNIFORM* front-end to
> re-compile/re-configure *ALL* packages, that will work for both e-linux
> and SEUL, then on the SEUL version, hide all non-essential configuration...
> Is this not simple?? (Conceptually anyway..)

Maybe, but in practise it would be more tricky (that's probably why noone
has done it yet... well   :-)

I definately like the idea of a uniform interface, it would make
configuring software much easier (that is what we are here for isn't it?).

Why can't you just have ALL options in an external config file?
If an option adds or cuts out sections of code, you could either compile
everything in, or load some parts at "modules" if wanted - sort of like
plugins that more applications are using nowdays.
That way there is no need to recompile, and you can use advanced features
of the system, with any easy to use configurer.
Of course, the source code would be available to those who want it, but
the average user would be hidden from the fun of compilation.


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