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SEUL: What's the diff to SEUL ?

> I've got the link to the SEUL project yesterday evening. So I've read a lot
> on there Web-pages. Finally I can't distingish between the purpose of this
> project and the SEUL project.
> Furthermore I would be happy a 'Debian light' version of the full Debian
> distribution. And all our suggestions should result in such a dsitribution.

Okay, I just wrote a post like this one earlier this week, but since I can't
find it, here we go again...

e-linux and SEUL have very similar goals for different target audiences...
SEUL is for the End-User... this is the secretary or manager (see also
"Dilbert") or retiree who is just giving up their typewriter.  e-linux,
however, is for the power-user... One of the goals of e-linux is to provide
a system as felexible and powerful as any other linux box, but totally
configurible easily from the command-line or a GUI...  e-linux also
(for the mean time, at least) plans to use KDE as it's system desktop,
while SEUL has committed itself to use only free-software.  (KDE is free,
but Qt --which it's based on-- has a non-free license for commercial
use) Also I hope that SEUL and e-linux can work together on the logic
behind their administration tools, and share the same packaging format,

I hope I cursorily conveyed the point...(I'm not quite "all here" right now)...
Omega, do you have anything to add??

Comments? Suggestions?