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Re: SEUL: What's the diff to SEUL ?

Loren et al.

Beyond any intentions whatsoever to flame anyone, I get the feeling 
that you may be overestimating some users over others: In your 
earlier message, you wrote about the 'shortsighted' who require a
powerfull GUI. Now, you mention that SEUL may be for the 'retired'.
Well, in the SEG, just to mention a few, there are **Senior 
scientists** some of which are **bosses** and **national 
representatives** in international research foundations. Pardon me 
but this 'Dilbert' thing is truly *insulting* AND if you have such an 
attitude towards what non-hackers like or do not like, request or do 
not request and believe that everyone else who do not know 800 Unix 
commands are idiots (that's the way I understood your 'Dilbert' 
irony) you are nothing but seriously damaging the *intentions*, *good 
spirit* and *hard work* of everyone else in this project. Sorry to 
write this but end users should be referred with the same respect as
they see at the very hackers who've decided to dedicate their time & 
energies to do something for them. Thank you.

	Aldo-P. Solari

On 15 Jan 98 at 9:50, Loren S Osborn wrote:

> SEUL is for the End-User... this is the secretary or manager (see also
> "Dilbert") or retiree who is just giving up their typewriter.