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SEUL: Some more ramblings

1. I have seen some concern with the lack of progress.  

2. I have trouble keeping track of where the project is.

3. Just about nothing on my oddball computer configures easily.

4. My first Linux experience coinsided with taking a user interface      

5. I suscribed to dev-install but have seen no traffic.

6. The discussion about the Linus or non-Linus approach might not
   mean much if our goals are not yet well understood.

7. A call to arms was released maybe a little hastily.

I have the following comments.

1.  The seul website is an uder utilized asset.  I don't see our goals
    there.  I heard a call to arms was released.  Is a copy of it 
    available through the website?  Is what respondents find on the
    website help them to match their abilities to the projects needs or
    seul's capabilities and posibilities to their needs and desires?   

2.  I would like to bug out of the main discussion.  I would prefer to	 
    follow it from the website.  I can't remember what has been decided.
    It would be nice if a record of decisions could be easily obtained
    from the web page.  Maybe nobody wants the chore of maintaining web
    pages. It would also be easy to tell when decisions are scheduled, or
    tabled. It could also help prioritize discussions, and to recognize
    when we have conflicting dependencies.

3.  I hope to become involved in the install effort.  My experience
    should never have to be repeated.  I will be lurking there.