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Re: SEUL: What's the diff to SEUL ?

Hi Paul

>> Debian is the best integrated suite of Linux packages that I have
>> seen. Period.
>I have one good question about debian.  What MTA does it use?  Can you
>choose between sendmail and smail?  TTYL!
Yeah... Smail is chosen by default, but you can also get sendmail or
exim installed... 

Actually, for SEUL's purposes I think smail is most suited, because its
relatively simple to set up (specially with Debian), and has no known
security holes.

If you'll excuse some useless reminiscing, I remember it takeing me and
my buddies months to get sendmail to que mail while offline in the
slackware 3.0 days....

Qmail is avail in the non-free section as source, since it seems the
author don't like binary dists...

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