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Re: SEUL: Re: SEUL distribution?

Kai Wetzel wrote:
> George Bonser wrote:
> [...]
> > Yes, debian DOES have auto-upgradeable menus. :)
> [...]
> Nice to hear.  Can individual users or user-installs
> add/modify/remove menu items ?

Yes.  As with most other things, a user can put entries in his/her home
directory to customize their menu's using the menu's package.  The one
drawback, in my opinion, is that once they do this they have to
updae-menu's manually when the sysadmin add's packages that would
otherwise automatically show up in their menu's when he run's sytem-wide

I think a small change to the package, say a "Updated" menu entry, to
parse system-wide menu's into the users menu's would be a very good
idea.  Most true multi-user system, such as an ISP or or large intranet,
sysadmins don't want to inform every user of a new package, and have to
tell them how to put it in their menu's all over again =), every time
they add something to the system(s).  I think it goes without saying
that no sysadmin want's to login as each user, update the menu config
files and run update-menus so the new package will appear in their

That is _only_ if they want to change from the system-wide menu files. 
But that is bound to happen.