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Re: SEUL: Some more ramblings

On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Randy Heineke wrote:

> 3. Just about nothing on my oddball computer configures easily.
I dunno...  I've run into some programs that where a peice of cake to
install...  For instance, setting up IP masquerade on Linux.  Rebuild the
kernel with the right modules installed, make zlilo, reboot, run six
commands, and it worked like a charm.  D/led mySQL last night, all I
make install

And I was laughin'.

> 4. My first Linux experience coinsided with taking a user interface      
>    class.
Before I first installed Linux, I had been fascinated with it for six
months, and had read stacks of books on it.  I finally got my own
computer, and was able to install it.


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