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Re: SEUL: Some more ramblings

On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Randy Heineke wrote:

> 1. I have seen some concern with the lack of progress.  
That will be changing very soon. I promise!  Once we decide on Debian,
things will start moving rapidly.

> 7. A call to arms was released maybe a little hastily.
Agreed.  However, part of the reason we were unprepared was because no one
answered the call to help out in getting prepared. 

> 1.  The seul website is an uder utilized asset.  I don't see our goals
>     there.  I heard a call to arms was released.  Is a copy of it 
>     available through the website?  Is what respondents find on the
>     website help them to match their abilities to the projects needs or
>     seul's capabilities and posibilities to their needs and desires?   
As soon as we can find people willing and able to make the site grow, it
will grow exponentially.  Some of these documents exist, but are out of
date and not set up for the web.

>     It would be nice if a record of decisions could be easily obtained
>     from the web page.  Maybe nobody wants the chore of maintaining web
>     pages. It would also be easy to tell when decisions are scheduled, or
>     tabled. It could also help prioritize discussions, and to recognize
>     when we have conflicting dependencies.
There are some procedures I have written down that will be implemented as
soon as we have the infrastructure for it.  Unfortunately, (I repeat) I do
not have time to do everything, and very few people with the necessary
combined experience in CVS, Perl, and HTML has stepped forward to help
out.  If someone out there can help, *please* email me and we can get

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