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Re: SEUL: RFC: Base SEUL on Debian?

On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, Erik Walthinsen wrote:

> As soon as SEUL starts to pile stuff on top of this core, I would like to see 
> a branch split off of the core to start incorporating all the Debian futures, 
> including COAS, Diety, and possibly a few *basic* pieces of GNOME.

Be aware that Diety *>MIGHT<* be an interim project depending on on what
happens with COAS.  COAS is, as currently written, dependant on the Qt
widget set which is not free. There is an effort within debian to port
COAS to the Gimp widget set. *>IF<* things go well with COAS, it might
well become the admin tool of choice for Debian.  Note that Red Hat has
decided not to support COAS.

Diety is nothing more than a novelty at this point and COAS is still a
concept. I do not know what Bruce's plans are and I am not a member of
debian-private so I do not see what goes on in the brainstorm sessions.
This comes from observations in debian-user and debian-devel along with
conversations in the Caldera mailing lists where Donnie Barnes of Red Hat
is active.

I suppose what I am getting at is that it is probably going to be an
either-or situation with COAS and Diety, probably not both.  As for Gnome,
I hope it does well but KDE seems to be picking up a lot of momentum.

George Bonser 
If NT is the answer, you didn't understand the question. (NOTE: Stolen sig)
Debian/GNU Linux ... the maintainable operating system.