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Re: SEUL: Interest abounding...

On Wed, 14 Jan 1998, Aldo P. Solari [APS] wrote:

> To further comment some of Erik's ideas: IMO, the proposal to unify 
> effort sounds quite rational. I think both the strength of a unified 
> approach and quality of the ouput may be greater the more cohesion 
> between the different groups.
There's a number of efforts underway to create a standardized Linux, and
only by combining our efforts can we succeed.

> Other ideas:
> 	* The SEG could be expanded;
> 	* A scientific app suite group could be set up;
> 	* A public relations group could be started:
> 		contacts with: UN/FAO/UNESCO, academic and corporate
>         worlds;
UN?  WHY?!  AAMOF, I've been talking with Erik Walthensen, and we plan on
contacting Linux International to see if they'd be willing to join the
fray.  Advertising Linux is really important, and Linux could flog NT if
we just advertised it.  It's also VERY expensive.  All of the Linux
community would benefit from it.  Hopefully LI will be willing to assist.

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