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Re: SEUL: Interest abounding...

Paul Anderson wrote:
> AAMOF, I've been talking with Erik Walthensen, and we plan on
> contacting Linux International to see if they'd be willing to join the
> fray.  Advertising Linux is really important, and Linux could flog NT if
> we just advertised it.  It's also VERY expensive.  All of the Linux
> community would benefit from it.  Hopefully LI will be willing to assist.

Actually I don't think spending signifiucant amounts
of money on advertisement at this point of time is
a very good idea, unless it's done by a company with
the hope of a direct effect on sales of their product
(such as S.u.S.E. ads in a German computer mag)

IMHO it's better to grow more slowly in acceptance
for now rather then to make promises which people
may feal we don't reach.  I think that for a while,
it's very important to spend money on the development
process of Linux, especially in areas where Linux
is still a little weak.

I think sponsoring Linux conferences, developer
conferences (similar to "KDE 1"), allowing people
to live of free software (like the RedHat lab which
was mentioned here a few days ago), etc. will
be money better spent rather then paying lots
of money for expensive ads (just MHO)