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Re: SEUL: Interest abounding...

> UN?  WHY?!
He mentions these groups because they are in part responsible for bringing 
20th century communications (i.e. computers) into some of most remote 
locations on the planet.  As someone (don't remember who) said, if Linux were 
to become the obvious choice for computers being installed under the 
direction of the UN, UNESCO, etc., it would set a very useful precedent.  Why 
would they install Linux?  Because the UNESCO doesn't have the extra $100 to 
spend on an OS, $300 for office apps, $50 for a browser, etc., etc.  Linux is 
free, and "free is a very good price" (to quote a local merchant here).

> AAMOF, I've been talking with Erik Walthensen, and we plan on
> contacting Linux International to see if they'd be willing to join the
> fray.  Advertising Linux is really important, and Linux could flog NT if
> we just advertised it.  It's also VERY expensive.  All of the Linux
> community would benefit from it.  Hopefully LI will be willing to assist.
Yes.  I would like for SEUL to help coordinate to form a Linux standard, 
hence the "core" I've been talking about.  This list would ideally be in
charge of coordinating such efforts as advocacy and advertising.

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