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Re: SEUL: Re: SEUL distribution?

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   On Mon, 12 Jan 1998 omega@seul.org wrote:

   > George Bonser wrote:
   > > I think it might be a better idea to concentrate resources on the
   > > one currently available completely free Linux distribution and
   > > improve it rather than further fragment the community with yet
   > > another distribution.
   > Our goal is not to fragment the Linux community, but to join it
   > together.  Our plans include working very closely with as many groups
   > as we can.  We do not want to simply write more software, we want to
   > coordinate with existing groups to get this project done as fast as
   > possible.
   > We have been talking with several other groups, namely the slightly
   > later e-Linux and Linnet projects, discussing the possibility of a
   > shared underlying distribution.  If we can construct a single base
   > distribution quickly, and build our own tools, we both win.  More
   > importantly, though, *Linux* wins.

   why not pick a subset of debian as your base distribution? more than
   the debian base disks but less then the full distribution. modify the
   packages as appropriate for your needs.

This thread has been discussed as soon as June.  The problem is than
quite simply Debian is not a good starting point for a user friendly
distribution.  And DSELECT is not the only problem.  Perhaps Debian
2.0 will be but 1.3 is not.

   then users of seul would be able to install any .deb package out of
   the debian archive in addition to .deb packages from the seul dist. in
   effect, the debian ftp site would become a 'contrib' section for your

   debian has always been intended to be a good base from which other
   distributions can be built...

If you want Debian make a review of Debian and post it.  For now you
are just repeating it is great.

			Jean Francois Martinez

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