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Re: SEUL: Re: SEUL distribution?

Reply-to: omega@seul.org

> This thread has been discussed as soon as June.  The problem is than
> quite simply Debian is not a good starting point for a user friendly
> distribution.  And DSELECT is not the only problem.  Perhaps Debian
> 2.0 will be but 1.3 is not.
It may not be a better starting point for our specific goals, but it is a
better starting point overall.  The goal now is to create a core
distribution upon with SEUL will be based, but to release the core to the
public with the intent of moving other distributions onto the common core.
Debian is the logical choice for this, as they are already starting to
move in that direction.  We will get the support and cooperation we need,
whereas with RedHat we aren't likely to make much of a dent.

> If you want Debian make a review of Debian and post it.  For now you
> are just repeating it is great.
Someone did post a review of Debian a while ago.  Please check the

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