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SEUL: Part0 of propsitions I made for Redhat 6.

I am shipping peopositions for RedHat 6.  Could be of use for SEUL.

Warning: The following is not an evaluation of RedHat5, it is a
commented list of features I would want to be implemented in RH6.  So
I will not comment about features I found postive in RH5 and this fact
could give the mistaken impression than I found only critics for RH5.


      "Linux must become simple to use".  Linus.

Despite many improvements RH5 is still a distribution more oriented
towards institutions than for home users.  The software included, the
configuration utilities and the 3 am crontab entries for cleaning tasks
point at what is the ideal box for running RedHat 5: it must be in a
LAN and powered up 24h a day.  I don't think many people have such
computers at home.

Linux expansion is being constrained by the computer knowledge its
users need to have.  Lowering this threshold means increasing the
number of potential users.

In designing improvements for RH6 I think the following guidelines are
of use:

1) It is better to help 90% of people then the remainding 10%

2) If a feature makes things easier for a beginner and harder for a
hacker best help the beginner: a hacker can put things the way he

3) Home users have less acces to training and information sources than
users in companies or universities.  They need more help than others.

4) Too many alternatives for the same task are only good to confuse
users and drag packagers time better used in other areas.  But some
times you cannot find a program reasonably good for everyone.  Better
in this case ship two programs for the task.