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Re: SEUL: Is it too soon for me to comment?

   6) We need to not break things.  For example, Red Hat 5 glibc breaks all
   kinds of things.  Simple things like Netscape need to work.  With their
   Java interpreters.  Without tricks, wrappers, and environment variables. 
   This should be one of those 'specialty installers' like I mentioned

No. Glibc does not break anything.  However you must install the
libc-5.3.12 included in RH5 because it contains the applications
libraries compatible with libc5.  If you had upgraded yourself to say
libc-5.4.33 then RedHat's install does not upgrade it because 5.4 is >
5.3.  So you are left with your libc5 who conatins only libc and libm.
If your app needs for instance libX11 the dynamic loader will use the
only libX11 he finds: the one intended for glibc.  If you have the
right libc5 RPM all works fine.

   7) We need modular kernels that aren't obtrusive.  I don't know if it's
   just me but there's nothing more annoying than having kerneld unload my
   CDROM driver while the CD is playing.

Kerneld never unloads a driver in use.  However a CD will keep playing
if you end the cd player program without stopping the CD.  And if you
end the cd program the driver is no longer use so kerneld unloads the
driver and the disk keeps playing the CD until the end of it.

			Jean Francois Martinez

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