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Re: SEUL: Is it too soon for me to comment?

> On Mon, 5 Jan 1998, Paul Anderson wrote:
> > I think most of you will agree with me when I say that Linux isn't ready
> > for primetime moron-usage quite yet.  Many people have commented on this
> > list as to the fact that Lnux lacks a number of things to go out and
> > directly thwap at Win95's market.
> Again, the goal of this project is to change that.  I know precisely where
> Linux is right now, it's where it's going that I want to worry about.

May we all be so blessed; I know few Linux gurus that profess that ;)

> > You can store windows programs on a Linux harddrive, and grab them over
> > the network and have the windows box run them, thus solving
> > compatibility issues.  E-Linux could be the server, and SEUL could be
> > E's client companion, coming preconfigured to work with E-Linux. 
> Couple things here.  First, people grab Windows programs off the net (via
> samba) right now.  The Linux machines are run by sysadmins who already
> know what's going on.  This isn't our target market.  Second, e-linux
> appears (very little on their site) to have roughly the same goals as
> SEUL, but intends to use KDE (and thus Qt).

Honestly, when I first joined E-linux's discussion list I thought that also,
especially since back then it was called the KDE Linux Distribution.  I do
not agree with them on relying on proprietary software, but this has been
discussed, and the concensus is that KDE may be replaced by GNOME (and
possibly, eventually, Berlin ) when these projects are mature enough.  

I do believe that you are missing the difference in the goals of E-Linux and
SEUL (as I once did).  E-Linux hopes to keep Linux just as much flexibility
as any Slackware/RedHat/Debian distribution, but to make such flexibility
more accessable without wading through mountains of documentation.  (I have
pretty good experience knowing the kind of headache tackeling such a Goliath
can yeild.)  In contrast, SEUL is intended for my mother (or even worse, my
grandmother ;) where the intended user does not want to be bothered with the
complexity of such a system... This is why I see SEUL as a version of E-Linux
with most of the complexity masked away... These are distinct goals...

Comments? Suggestions?