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SEUL: Re: What's the diff to SEUL ?

> I think it's identical to Debian's goal. They also want o have as
> flexible and powerfull and consistent and easy-to-use as possible.
> They only have to rewrite (or you or I) dselect completly new.
They are close, but they still are lacking some of the truly end-user 
features.  Bruce said as much.  What we are currently planning to do is 
cooperate very closely between Debian and SEUL in order to fill all the 
existing gaps.

> This is a serious problem. But I think the end-user doesn't think about it.
> It's only a problem for commercial developers.
Precisely.  A problem for commercial developers immediately becomes a 
problem for end users.  How many commercial apps do you see for Linux?  Not 
very many.  How many more do you think we'll see if the "standard" costs 
$5000 to develop for?  My guess is somewhere around 3.  That's on the high 

Commercial application developers currently are using every excuse they have 
to avoid porting to Linux, and if we can remove a couple of those, we win.

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