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SEUL: Re: What's the diff to SEUL ?

> We're experimenting with the new prototype now.
Is this code available somewhere in .tar.gz format (i.e. not packaged)?  I'd 
love to take a look at it, though I only have RH systems at this time :(

> I'd still like to provide what the average user needs as part of the
> free package, because we need to show the user population before the
> commercial vendors will work on the system.

The "best" kind of chicken-egg problem: users want apps to switch to system, 
vendors want users using system before they port apps.  Note that I didn't 
say the users want *commercial* apps, they just want well-done apps that do 
what they want....:

> So, we have to bootstrap those users with free apps:
:-)  You took the words right out my mouth...

> Word processing
> finance program
> Spreadsheets
> photoshop-beater, Illustrator-beater
> Presentation graphics
I think enough of these exist as fledgling projects that we can work with 
them ("take them under our wing") and develop a whole suite of applications 
that could compete with commercial apps.  The competition brings users to 
Linux, and vendors follow suite very quickly when the discover M$ 
market-share decreasing... :-)

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