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Re: SEUL: Re: What's the diff to SEUL ?

Bruce Perens wrote:
[new debian package installer prototype]
> I can get some new screen shots if you want to see the interface.

Would be interesting.

> > > Word processing
> > > finance program
> > > Spreadsheets
> > > photoshop-beater, Illustrator-beater
> > > Presentation graphics
> > I think enough of these exist as fledgling projects that we can work with
> > them ("take them under our wing") and develop a whole suite of applications
> > that could compete with commercial apps.  The competition brings users to
> > Linux, and vendors follow suite very quickly when the discover M$
> > market-share decreasing... :-)
> This is where I see SEUL workers have a big chance to contribute. While
> a few of you should concern yourselves with installation and system
> management, there's a lot more demand for people who would develop the
> components of an integrated productivity suite.

Well, for the SEUL team as a _group_, I don't see development
of these components as a core task.  We've got at least three
desktop projects besides Qt-bound KDE which try to develop,
(among other things) end-user applications such as irc clients,
ppp front-ends, spreadsheets, and in theory more complex
applications you mentioned above. (GNOME, fOX, LIP)

I think where the SEUL could fit in at least intitially is:
(In the domain of app development that is)
- List of applications as suggested by Star's End, possibly
  with reviews to get an overview of what's available
  (Including Qt-based and commercial apps for coparison)
- Possibly a list of desired/common features of apps by
- Compile/forward user demands (e.g. "seg" list ?) to those
  groups developing such productivity suits.
- See how components from the other teams could be
  nicely integrated in the SEUL distribution.

Of course if members of the SEUL don't have enough to do
with the core tasks we're facing here, it would certainly
help if the joined respective groups with their SEUL
experience in mind.

Best regards,